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12V Wireless Car Polisher 2800-5500Rpm Cordless Car Polishing Machine Electric Polishing Wax Tool Noiseless 8 Variable Speeds

12V Wireless Car Polisher 2800-5500Rpm Cordless Car Polishing Machine Electric Polishing Wax Tool Noiseless 8 Variable Speeds

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This 5 inch car polishing machine, is lightweight and portable, easy to carry and easy to operate. Suitable for cars, floor waxing, metal descaling, furniture waxing, etc. There is a 5inch self-adhesive disc at the bottom of the polishing machine, for easy replacement of sandpaper and polishing disc. Comes with sponge pad and wool pad, easy to replace to meet various working usage.

Multifunctional Design: It can be used for car polishing, wood furniture polishing, paint polishing, leather sofa polishing and etc..
Wide Applications: Suitable for auto repairing factory, wood furniture factory, iron factory, construction site, home decoration and etc.


Compared to traditional buffer polishers, our DA polisher has improved User-Experience with cordless-feature. It's just 1 kg (2.3 lbs, including battery), instead of carrying heavy wires around. You don't have to worry about the car rubbing again on a cord, or you tripping on a cord, or the potentially dangerous combination of electricity and water.

Pure copper and a 4-pole motor provide more power and dual action while producing less noise. Thanks to 8 different speed levels, the polisher can be adjusted to the respective needs and reach an idle speed of up to 5500 rpm.

Polisher is equipped with a single 12V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for a long time. Charging is simple, cost-effective, and convenient.

It comes with various polishing attachments. These accessories are ideal for any polishing, grinding, or waxing work.

Lithium Eccentric
Polishing Machine
Wireless and portable, new power

High configuration and performance
Comprehensive analysis of functions
Powerful power / 8-speed adjustable / Low noise / Eccentric shaft

Waxing More Efficient Self Velcro chassis ,easy replace the waxing disc

Polishing Machine
Lithium wireless, no damage to the paint, more convenient to use

Powerful Power Motor
5500rpm, strong motor, stable performance, efficient waxing, polishing more delicate

Eccentric polishing machine
Labor-saving and efficient
The polishing disc rotation path is irregular oval, polishing evenly without hurting the paint, simple and easy to use

Eccentric Waxing Is More Even
Wide rotating coverage to avoid over-polishing at a concentrated point and uneven paint surface
Eccentric polishing machine: Oval polishing track, wider contact surface, no damage to the paint
Straight polishing machine: Round polishing estimate, fixed a point, easy to damage the paint

Self-adhesive Chassis
Easy To Replace
Suitable for 125mm self-adhesive chassis, can be used with a variety of different accessories

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